Year 2 have had another great week and have been super busy!

In English, we have been thinking about traditional tales with a twist, especially looking at other characters’ perspectives. Who can remember what perspective means? We started the week by comparing The True Story of the Three Little Pigs and the traditional story.

On Thursday, we created an alternative character profile for Goldilocks, as a kind, caring little girl who was simple lost in the woods. I was really impressed with the children’s imaginations.

In science, we have been learning about food chains. We used drama to show how energy is passed along the food chain, starting with the producer, then the primary consumer, secondary consumer and ending with the top predator.

Once the energy had been passed along the food chain, that meant they had been eaten and were now dead!

Thank you for all of your donations on Friday. The children really did brighten up the harvest!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Kane



What a fantastic end to the week with our exciting trip to Beamish! Even the soggy weather didn’t dampen our spirits. The children were superstars from start to finish and really made me the proudest teacher!

When we arrived, we walked down to the Pit Village and went into the school playground.

After playtime, we went into the Victorian classroom in silence and sat down at our desks ready for our first lesson, English. We then had a maths lessons, followed by an art lesson. Luckily, nobody got sent to the cold corner for misbehaving!

We then ventured off to explore different areas of the museum, including the town and the farm, with a stop off at the sweet shop!

Thank you all for a wonderful day and a special thank you to our parents helpers for coming along!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Kane


We are already half way through our first half-term in Year 2! Time is just flying by!

This week in English, we watched the video, “The Ugly Sharkling” and we began to profile the characters. We worked in pairs to retrieve information that we knew for sure about the characters but we were also able to use our inference skills to determine how the characters were feeling at different points.

In RE, we came together to celebrate the end of our unit, “Beginnings”. We had a class liturgy with some excellent singing and some very thoughtful reflections about this unit as well as some excellent ‘I wonder…’ statements.

Have a lovely weekend Year 2!

Miss Kane


What a busy week we’ve had!

In English, we’ve been writing our own traditional tale, The Three Little Sharks and the Big Bad Shark. I have been blown away by the children’s quality of writing as well as their writing stamina. Who can retell their own story to their grown-ups?

In RE, we’ve been developing our understanding of God being with us at every beginning and the importance of prayer during the school day. On Tuesday, we listened to the song ‘Morning’ and did some drama to showcase how our day starts, finishing the session with a prayer.

In science this week, we continued learning about animals and their habitats but this time, we were exploring micro-habitats and we went on a mini-beast hunt! We searched under rocks and logs, in tall grass, in bushes and all around our gardens. We found some exciting bugs and different plants! Who can remember what they found?

We’ve also been developing our Mandarin skills this week, learning to count to 10! See if you can practise at home!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Kane 🙂


I can’t believe week 2 is over already!

The children have continued to impress me with their excellent attitudes and hard work.

This week in maths, we’ve been continuing to develop our place value knowledge, ordering and comparing numbers, counting in 2s and using a number line.

In English, we’ve been exploring traditional tales and comparing similarities and differences between them. Who can retell the story at home?

This week, we also started our new history topic, Where We Live. We begun our unit by looking at significant places in Newcastle and how they have changed over the last 100 years. We loved looking at the pictures of St James Park – it’s hardly recognisable!

We then did some sketching of the Tyne Bridge, which we printed a pattern onto – they look great! Well done Year 2!

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Miss Kane


Welcome to Year 2’s Class Blog!

What a fantastic first week we’ve had in Year 2! I have been blown away by the children’s effort and enthusiasm this week, as well as the excellent work they have produced in only three days!

This week in English, we’ve been writing poetry in the style of ‘The Sound Collector’ but based on our class text, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’. Who can retell the story at home?

In maths, we’ve been learning more about place value and using equipment to help us to partition our numbers.

On Friday in PE, we had a great gymnastics lesson using the equipment. We were very brave and some of us were jumping from great heights.

Have a lovely weekend and I can’t wait to see you all again on Monday ready for another great week!

Miss Kane

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